A Great Source of Increasing Sales for Your Business

According to recent studies, customers respond better to print media than digital media, such as adverts in newspapers or magazines. When print marketing is coupled with internet media, the audience’s trust rises, and leads are more likely to convert and buy goods.

Most businesses now readily include QR codes and other interactive elements in print advertisements. However, the FBI has warned that hackers can use QR codes for malicious activities. You can secure your QR code by adopting some security measures.

  • Secure your URL by using a unique domain name. People who scan the code must make sure to check the domain name.
  • Avoid attaching payment URLs to QR codes.
  • Encourage the customers only to use QR codes provided by your business or trusted sources. Cybercriminals can create their own malicious QR codes.
  • Perform strict monitoring of QR codes to prevent anyone from altering them.
  • Avoid using third-party QR code scanning applications.

QR codes are vulnerable to cyberattacks; however, taking precautionary measures by both the business and scanner QR codes can make them secure.

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